Friday, May 22, 2015

A to Z: Cultural Perspectives in Education

Vaughan M. Blaney
BSc(UNB,Canada), BEd(UNB,Canada), TEFLA(University of Cambridge), MEd(HKU, Hong Kong)

Book: "A to Z: Cultural Perspectives in Education"

The Letter 'O'...

Our governments can be different in many ways
Communism, socialism, conservatism, and liberalism too
Let's get together and talk it through
Perhaps we'll create our own world view

Oh we know we are different, still all can agree that we: 
  • love to play outside
  • know that the earth orbits the sun
  • need oxygen
  • try to keep an open-mind
  • are proud when our country goes to the Olympics
  • know how to get to the school office
  • grow old
  • know not to say obscene things
  • observe very carefully when the teacher is teaching
  • know how to print the letter O

We are seducing ourselves with a delusional idiom of individualism. To accommodate global capital we are drawn to capital bodies, intelligence, sexuality and possessions. Once again, we are tempted to reject the unemployed, the welfare poor, immigrants and refugees as moral aliens whose fates lay no claim upon our own. We fancy that we can set up new walls between the rich and the poor, between personal and civic life, between today's enjoyment and tomorrow's misery that will fall upon children and youth who are not our own. In the name of an absent capital god we are being asked to break the civic covenant, to fragment our communities, to exit from the city in order to reconnect in an abstractive, vertical union with our global other in the world's finance, film and fashion houses. Meanwhile, the sweatshops, the refugee camps and the prisons do not close; exploitation and violation do not cease; hunger does not abate. We are asked to close our minds, to harden our hearts and not to cry out.

O'Neill, John

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