Friday, April 24, 2015

A to Z: Cultural Perspectives in Education

Vaughan M. Blaney
BSc(UNB,Canada), BEd(UNB,Canada), TEFLA(University of Cambridge), MEd(HKU, Hong Kong)

Book: "A to Z: Cultural Perspectives in Education"

The Letter 'K'...

Kimono, barong tagalong,
Cheongsam, batak, sari
on our traditional dress days
These and more you'll see

Keeping our differences is important, yet all can agree that we:
  • seek knowledge
  • try to be keen in class
  • love to fly a kite
  • realize the importance of kinship
  • hurt when we scratch a knee
  • try to be kind to new classmates
  • smile when we see a cute little kitten
  • hold dear to our hearts special keepsakes
  • cherish a kiss from mom and dad
  • know how to print the letter K

With the advent of the 21st century, bilingualism is at a crossroads both in California particularly and in the United States generally. Is this country moving to respect and preserve all of the languages spoken here? Or, is the future direction towards English Only? These are essential questions underlying the bigger issue of who will rule America.

As educators, we need to take a stand on this issue and to promote bilingualism and multiculturalism in our own research, policy and practice. We can take action in our classrooms as well as in our courtrooms and state boardrooms. First and foremost, it is our responsibility to figure out the best ways to train prospective teachers and educators to uphold and promote bilingualism in all arenas. Given that many other states are now looking to California for exemplary leadership, we need to take well-informed action now.

Katz, Susan Roberta

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